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O.U.R. Mission Home for Women, Children, and Families


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O.U.R Mission Home Offers Long Term Transitional Housing

Homelessness can be a difficult time for adults. But the situation becomes even more heartbreaking when children are involved. O.U.R. Mission Home is a 202-bed long term transitional housing facility accommodating single women, single mothers with children, single fathers with children and husband/wife with children.

The facility’s clean, home-like atmosphere provides residents private and semi-private rooms and bathrooms at no charge. Homeless women, children and families live in the transitional Home until they are able to regain their footing and live a self-sufficient lifestyle once again.

O.U.R. Mission Home’s program consists of the following:

  • Residents are required to successfully complete Victorious Life Class and Career Learning Center requirements
  • Residents are required to either be actively completing their high school diploma or gainfully employed
  • Residents are required to save 75% of all income in their Mission savings account (100% of the funds are released to the resident upon move-out as down payment for housing)
  • Residents are required to complete their daily chores around the Mission and keep their rooms clean at all times
  • Residents are required to attend weekly chapel services and become actively involved in the local church of their choice

Each resident of O.U.R. Mission Home is assigned a case manager who helps map out a customized program for permanent recovery and walks with the family until they can stand on their own.  While the Mission provides basic living services including meals, laundry facilities and daycare, the heart of our program is Christian mentoring.

If you are in need of assistance and meet the following qualifications, your next step is to complete an Admission Application for OUR Mission Home's programs:

  • Be Homeless or Nearly Homeless
  • Mentally and Physically Able to Work at Least 30 Hours or more per week
  • Work with a Mission Case Manager Who Will Work as Your Life Coach during Your Stay
  • Provide Social Security Number(s), Driver’s License(s), and/or State I.D.(s)
  • Provide Emergency Information and Maintain Up to Date Contact Information
  • Be Drug or Alcohol Free
  • Disclose Medical or Psychological Conditions
  • Attend and Complete the Victorious Life and Parenting Classes, and any other required life growth opportunities
  • Sign Resident Consent Forms
  • If Needed, Complete a G.E.D.
  • Save 75% of All Income and 100% of all State or Federal Government Checks in a Missions Savings Account- held for you until program completion. (Your funds are used to assist you in paying debts and save for housing. In addition, a $50.00 room deposit is held until a final room inspection is completed after your stay.)
  • Provide Marriage Certificate if Applying as a Family/Couple
  • Be willing to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

For more information about O.U.R. Mission Home, call 407-423-2131.