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Stories Archive

Jamesha's Story: 'With God All Things Are Possible'

The first day of kindergarten was approaching and Jamesha was running out of time. The preschooler, who lives at O.U.R. Mission Home with her mother and five siblings, couldn’t recognize her name — let alone spell it. She could sing the alphabet song but couldn’t identify the letters out of sequence. She didn’t know her shapes or colors. More.

Items needed for Centralized Kitchen

These are the items that are needed to equip the centralized kitchen that will be part of the new Men's Center. A total of $95,514.36 is needed. More.

Making the Grade: Joseph's Story

“My whole life, people – even my family – said I was a failure, that I wasn’t smart and that I’d never amount to anything. Today I’m surrounded by the Lord’s people who believe in me and encourage me. I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for this place.” More.

Home for the Holidays: Felicia's story

“It was scary not knowing what we were going to do. I didn’t have anyone to turn to. All I wanted was a place for me and my kids.” When Felicia and her six children came to the Mission, she found a safe home for her family where she could renew her faith and get back on her feet. More.

Coming home: Michael's third time a charm

“Are you ready to come home?” the pastor asked Michael when he showed up at the Mission’s Men’s Center hungry, humbled and tired of living on the streets. Michael, who had come and gone from the Mission twice before, broke down and cried. This time he was finally ready to let God give him the peace that was missing from his broken life. More.

Douglas Clinton Whitehurst's poetry

Three poems about God written by Orlando Union Rescue Mission Men's Center Disciple Douglas Clinton Whitehurst. More.

Hope Restored: The story of Teddy

Teddy had been clean and sober for four years. Living in his native Jacksonville, he had a steady job as a chef and a woman he planned to marry. Then it all changed -- literally overnight -- when he awoke to find his fiancé dead from a brain aneurysm. That sudden loss sent him into a downward spiral of alcohol and drugs that within months left him out of work and homeless. More.

Looking back at an extreme makeover

Five years ago this month in the "Light of Hope," we shared the story of Brad Sefter, who came to the Mission homeless, addicted to drugs and scared. Today, we're glad to say he is still sober (six years now!) and is helping the homeless as a street outreach specialist for an agency here in Orlando. More.

Ian's story

As we reflect back on 2013, we think of the hundreds of homeless men, women and children like Ian who arrived with no hope but found comfort through a warm meal and safe, clean shelter. For many, including Ian, it was the first step in a journey towards a life of self-sufficiency. More.

Aquila Learns to Leave Her Bitterness Behind

“The people there served as God’s mouthpiece to us because they didn’t see us as a problem to be fixed but as people needing to be loved.” More.