Douglas Clinton Whitehurst’s poetry – Orlando Union Rescue Mission

Douglas Clinton Whitehurst’s poetry

 In Story


Out on the streets of this town
See so many walking around
People with no place to go
No hope in their eyes, none to show
Now I find myself right there too
Think in my heart, what do I do?
I still have faith through all this mess
I may be homeless, but I’m not hopeless
I know God has a victory for me
In His time, be patient and I’ll see
I’ll do it all for His glory
Tell the world my true story
I may be down, but I’m not out
Show everyone what His love is about
(written November 25, 2013)


You should live every day
Like it’s your last day on Earth
Let nothing stand in your way
Give it all that it’s worth
Let your voice be heard
Don’t dwell on the past
Share a positive word
Make the good moments last
Try hard all the time
To make your mark on the world
Leave the bad times behind
Let your future unfurl
Do the best with the time
The time that you have
You must strengthen your mind
And walk in God’s path
(written in September of 2013)


In the daily battle you fight
Keel the Lord in your sight
Set your eyes upon the throne
Remember you are never alone
Jesus Christ is always there
Place your life into His care
For He will never forsake you
Just believe His love is true
He is the beginning and the end
Our salvation the Father did send
He will never let you down
Shed His blood on the thorny crown
(written March 19, 2014)

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