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Academic development increases self-confidence and improves career opportunities in the future. The Mission's personalized services guide our guests through the education courses and vocational training deemed most necessary for career development, job security, and personal happiness.

Learn more about various programs available for academic development at the Mission:

The Career Learning Center (CLC) is a self-paced, educational program for adult guests at our Family Home and long-term guests residing at our men's home, Project Hope.

The CLC is a three-tired program:

  1. First, guests begin with an extensive education assessment and memory course.

  2. Next, guests can pursue their high school diploma at our on-campus accredited high school OR pursue higher education/vocational training through the guidance of a case manager.

  3.  Finally, after all academic courses are completed, students begin the career placement phase of the program where they learn interviewing techniques, resumé writing skills, and how to dress for success.

The Youth Learning Center (YLC) caters to the unique educational needs of homeless youth. It features an 11-station Children’s Computer Lab designed to help children ages 7-17 achieve satisfactory school performance. This faith-based computer software helps to improve children’s critical thinking skills, reading and listening comprehension, and teamwork building. Since its implementation, the program has proven extremely successful in helping homeless children achieve and even exceed grade level performance.

The Early Learning Center (ELC) is a kid-friendly space, emphasizing the overarching theme, “With God, All Things Are Possible”. Here, babies through toddlers living at the Mission can dream big and understand that despite their economic circumstances, God has not abandoned them. This program is designed so parents living at the Mission who are enrolled in our educational programs can receive free, educational daycare.

Provide the Tools for our Guests to Succeed

Your gifts allow our guests to pursue academic development, find economic stability, and begin a fulfilling career.

Minds & Hearts
through education

Education opens doors to career opportunities and unlocks new ways of thinking and understanding the world. We desire for all of our guests to learn and grow at the Mission. Below you will find a list of many of the educational services we provide:

  • NOVA Educational Curriculum: A Program Designed Specifically for the Unique Learning Needs of Adults and Children Who Have Experienced Homelessness
  • On-campus Accredited High School
  • Free Certifications
  • Access to Affordable Degree Programs and Vocational Training
  • Tutoring for Adults and Students
  • Courses on Personal Development (Parenting, Marriage, Finances, Faith, etc.)
  • Afterschool Care for K-12th Graders
  • Daycare for Babies through Toddlers
  • Home Work Assistance Program


“I am definitely going to get my high school diploma; I don’t care how long but I am going to get it. I am going to overcome this and move on to the next chapter in my life.”

Need Help?

If you or someone you know is facing the threat of homelessness, contact us. Our phone operators are trained to guide you to the resources applicable to your unique situation and/or they can assist you in filling out an application to live at the Mission.

Single Males

If you are or know a single male experiencing homelessness, call our men's home, Project Hope, at (407) 423-3596 for help.

Single Females

If you are or know a single female experiencing homelessness, call our Family Home at (407) 423-2131 for help.

Single Parents & In-tact Families

If you are part of or know a family experiencing homelessness, call our Family Home at (407) 423-2131 for help.