Discipleship – Orlando Union Rescue Mission


Guests of the Mission who are unemployed or struggling to maintain a job will be enrolled in our Discipleship program to gain the soft skills needed to maintain healthy relationships and job security. In addition, guest will learn new practical skills and fill a gap in their employment history.

Guests complete their Discipleship program in the following ministries at the Mission:

  • Childcare at our Early and Youth Learning Centers
  • Maintenance
  • Housekeeping
  • Dining Hall & Kitchen Support
  • Bargain Store Workers
  • Administration

Get Our Guests Back on Their Feet

Secure a better tomorrow for our guests by providing stability today. 

Our Savings Program

All guests, regardless of employment history, are required to follow the Mission’s financial guidelines. Creating healthy spending habits is key to overcoming homelessness. We require our guests to save 75% of their earnings in a Mission savings account. Since our guests' basic needs are already being met, these guidelines ensure guests remain good stewards of their resources and develop healthy spending patterns while at the Mission. For many, this savings account provides a sizable safety net once guests return to a life of long-term independence. 

Need Help?

If you or someone you know is facing the threat of homelessness, contact us. Our phone operators are trained to guide you to the resources applicable to your unique situation and/or they can assist you in filling out an application to live at the Mission.

Single Males

If you are or know a single male experiencing homelessness, call our men's home, Project Hope, at (407) 423-3596 for help.

Single Females

If you are or know a single female experiencing homelessness, call our Family Home at (407) 423-2131 for help.

Single Parents & In-tact Families

If you are part of or know a family experiencing homelessness, call our Family Home at (407) 423-2131 for help.