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Discovering God’s Riches

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With no electricity, no water and eviction papers in hand, Pete and Billie Perez and their 3 children truly realized how hard the economy had hit their family.  Pete had always provided for his family by working security at construction sites.  However, when the housing development he was working for did not sell enough homes, Pete was laid-off, leaving his family without any source of income.

After weeks of frantically searching for employment to no avail, the Perez family began cutting back on basic needs.  Providing breakfast, lunch and dinner suddenly became a huge financial responsibility for the family who had nothing left.  “We would only eat one meal a day….  The kids would bring cookies home from school for dinner,” says Billie as she thinks about these difficult times.

The Perez family gradually began to sell their possessions just to survive; however, they knew this lifestyle couldn’t last much longer.  With only the clothing on their back, the family contacted the Orlando Union Rescue Mission for help.

Since coming to the Mission, the Perez family has definitely noticed the small blessings, “We don’t have to worry about our kids missing a meal or us having enough money for shampoo.”  The family now has everything provided and is taking their time at the Mission to grow closer to the Lord and re-build their lives upon a stronger foundation.  Billie is also working on completing her high school diploma, while Pete has been re-hired at his former employer.

Pete and Billie are 1 of 33 families currently staying at O.U.R. Mission Home.  You can help give each of these families a blessed Christmas season by supporting the Mission with your year end gifts.

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