How the Lord Grabbed My Undivided Attention – Orlando Union Rescue Mission

How the Lord Grabbed My Undivided Attention

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Firsthand testimony from Alan Berglund
Current Resident at OURM Men’s Division

I believe that the whole reason that the Orlando Union Rescue Mission exists is not only to help people, but also to let them know and see that there truly is a God. When I came to the Mission, I was on a path toward destruction. I thought I could fill the emptiness inside of me with alcohol. However, through the people at the Mission, I learned that the only thing that could fill my void was God.

When I was in the Mission’s program for 65 days, I was studying and doing well. What I didn’t know was that I wasn’t capable of completely opening my heart or trusting in God yet. To get my attention, God stuck something in my path that would change my life forever. That day, I found out that a drunk driver (of all things) had killed my 20-year-old daughter.

God knew that I had the window of my heart open just a crack and He was only able to access it through that crack. On the day my daughter was taken, not only did all the windows of my life open, but the doors also. I truly believe that the Lord placed me at the Mission around godly people in order for Him to fully open my heart. I don’t think given any other circumstance that I could have handled such a tragedy.

It’s a rare thing in this day and age to find an organization that will take you in off the street, lead you to Christ, and allow you the time to heal and grow in the Lord. For that I am eternally grateful and hope that the Mission will always be there for the needy.

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