2015 Spring Newsletter – A Hand Up for Hope – Orlando Union Rescue Mission

2015 Spring Newsletter – A Hand Up for Hope

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Think of how good it feels to start your day off  with a hot shower, or to get cleaned up after a long day outdoors in the Florida heat.

Now imagine how it would feel if you couldn’t do either – or if you had to go to work every day after taking a bath and washing your clothes in a lake.

That’s what life was like for Joseph, a Men’s Center disciple who spent several years sleeping in a tent in the woods of Tennessee. He’s not unique. Thousands of homeless individuals right here in Central Florida struggle to get and stay clean without access to basic hygiene items like soap, deodorant,
toothbrushes and toothpaste – things most of us take for granted.

But with your help, it doesn’t have to be that way. Through the annual O.U.R. Mission: Hope
campaign, we’re collecting new, unopened hygiene items that will be distributed at our Annual Easter Banquet and to our residents throughout the rest of the year.

For some, getting cleaned up is the first step towards restoring their dignity. I hope you will consider how you can help others like Joseph through O.U.R. Mission: Hope.

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