November 2016 Newsletter – Mission Accomplished – Orlando Union Rescue Mission

November 2016 Newsletter – Mission Accomplished

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Reshon Moore brings a unique and important perspective to the Orlando Union Rescue Mission’s Board of Directors. She knows what many of our guests are going through because she and her two oldest children lived here for two years in the 1990s.

“I was honored when they asked me to join the board,” she says. “The Mission
helped us get back on our feet and put me on the right track. It’s where I found my purpose in life, and now I want to help others find theirs.”

After leaving the Mission, Reshon worked her way up the banking ladder to become branch manager for a credit union and founded a nonprofit organization called the Butterfly Transformation Outreach Girls Mentoring Program. She’s been happily married for 15 years and has four children and five grandchildren.”

“All these years later, we still talk about how we never felt like we were living in a shelter. We felt loved. Nobody ever made me feel down or in despair. They accepted me for just who I was, even with all my mistakes.”

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