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Tim’s story

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Tim barely recognizes the disheveled version of himself in the gallery of police mugshots taken between 1993 and 2014. “That feels like a lifetime ago,” he says. “I’m a totally different person now, thanks to the Lord and the Orlando Union Rescue Mission.”

Tim had spent more than half his adult life incarcerated, mostly for drug offenses, when he arrived at the Mission’s Men’s Home. “I used heroin, cocaine – all the hard stuff. I was an addict. I knew if I didn’t change, I’d be back in prison or dead. This was my last chance.”

The Mission provided Tim with more than meals and shelter. He found the love, support, and spiritual guidance he needed to overcome his addictions. Most importantly, he found Christ, and he’s relying on Him as he rebuilds his life. Today, Tim drives the pickup and delivery truck for the Mission’s Bargain Store and has landed a full-time job after completing Jobs Partnership.

Tim no longer looks anything like those old mug shots. In fact, he’s quite comfortable in a suit and tie as he goes on job interviews. But those photos serve as a reminder of how far he’s come, and how grateful he is for a second chance.

“I owe my life to this Mission,” he says. “I now have a sense of purpose. There are people around me who inspire me and show me what true love is. They’re my family.”

Friends like you make possible transformations like Tim’s. Thank you for your faithful support. Please continue to pray for our guests as they take steps to break the cycle of homelessness and strive to rebuild their lives.

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