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Garisha’s Story: Garisha credits the CLC and the Mission for so much

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After going through a rough situation with her children’s father, Garisha was left to take care of her five kids by herself while also facing eviction from their apartment. Although down on her luck, Garisha remembered her mother’s words, “Why worry when you can pray.” Garisha took her mother’s advice, and soon after was introduced to the Mission by a member of her church family.

Originally from Jamaica, Garisha had trouble with her English growing up and after the deportation of her father and being mistreated by her stepmother, she dropped out of highschool in the 11th grade and ran away. Garisha still has challenges with her English, but that has not stopped her from getting her high school diploma at the Mission’s Career Learning Center (CLC).

“My education is everything to me, so if I have to seek help, I’m going to seek the help outside of school.”

After receiving her diploma, Garisha dreams of owning her own home and becoming a phlebotomist. She understands that these are no easy feats, but she’s determined to achieve her goals. “My motivation is my children, but not only them but myself. I want to prove to myself that there’s nothing that I can’t do…I want to show that I did do this and that I am more than what I thought I am.”

Garisha credits the CLC and the Mission for showing her how to be more confident, outspoken, and assertive. She also thanks our supporters for enabling these changes in her life. “Thank you very much for providing the computers, the lessons, and a teacher who cares and wants to see you succeed,” Garisha says. “I am definitely going to get my high school diploma; I don’t care how long but I am going to get it. I am going to overcome this and move on to the next chapter in my life.”

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