Love in Action – Volunteer Spotlight: Becker Bible Study – Orlando Union Rescue Mission

Love in Action – Volunteer Spotlight: Becker Bible Study

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Orlando is a metropolitan area where there should be countless ways to serve your community. Yet, Bill Becker and the men in the Becker Bible Study struggled to find a suitable place to volunteer after their previous organization downsized and no longer needed their help. That was, until Bill found the Orlando Union Rescue Mission.

“The first thing I liked was the honesty, the openness…,” Bill shared. He saw a true need at Orlando Union Rescue Mission and a place for his group to make a difference in the name of Christ.

They started by purchasing brand new tennis shoes, enough for every child in the Family Home. Then they sponsored one of the Mission’s monthly birthday parties. Not only did they provide the funds needed to purchase decorations and food, but they also served the entire meal. Since then, Becker Bible Study has donated the money for 100 new twin sheet sets for our men’s home and 80 new bath towels for our Family Home.

“Every Bible study should have some sort of a goal…of helping other people,” Bill said.

Serving is important. Bill said, “By serving, I don’t mean putting a dish in front of somebody. I mean putting your arm around them and saying, ‘I’m glad you’re here’. I think that’s more important than the meal we serve.

Bill’s reflection comes as his bible study of over 25 years begins a monthly commitment to serve dinner at Project Hope, our men’s home. The joy they find in giving back motivates them to provide in every way they can. Becker is no longer looking for ways to serve. He has found his new purpose at the Mission.

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