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Making the Impossible Possible: The Guzmans’ Story

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A four-car collision knocked the Guzmans’ precarious finances to the pavement at the end of 2021.  A Lyft driver, Luis’ lost his source of income in a moment. Genesis, his wife, now had no transportation to get to work. It felt like there was no hope.

This theme of hopelessness was not new. It was a cycle passed on for generations in their families.

Luis’ early life experiences included witnessing drug sales. He never received an education or learned routine life skills like personal finance. He and Genesis began dating in elementary school, and they had their first child when he was 16 and she was 14.

They struggled without parenting skills, and lacking mature guidance, they left school and had 5 more children.

At times their struggle took them to motels and churches, where the homeless were permitted to sleep on the floor. The car crash brought a new low to their spirit and experience.

Genesis called an endless list of organizations looking for help. Only the Mission answered, and a room was ready for them. “It was God-sent. It was meant to happen,” Genesis shared. They spent their last $40 on a taxi trip to the Mission’s Family Home with plans to move in immediately.

At first, the transition was hard. Their quarters felt cramped. Luis disliked the curfew. Their case manager spoke of faith, but Genesis felt skeptical.

With time, their lives began to transform. Genesis was in the Mission’s discipleship program, working in housekeeping while studying for her high school diploma at the Career Learning Center.

Luis began working full-time assisting a plumber. The curfew he once loathed led to more quality time with his family. “Growing up, I never had a father figure,” Luis shared. At the Mission, he invested in knowing the intricacies of his children and teaching them the life skills he once taught himself.

At the end of the 2022 school year, Luis watched Genesis deliver her graduation speech. At 25, she is the youngest in her family to graduate high school. She is now pursuing her Medical Assistant Certification at Valencia State College. Once she is finished, it will be Luis’ turn to enroll in the Career Learning Center.

Parenting classes inspired The Guzmans’ to pursue the best education for their children. Now, through the help of scholarships, their five oldest children attend a private Christian school and receive tutoring at our Youth Learning Center. Their youngest enjoys his time in preschool. All six children attend Bible study and love learning about the Lord.

This belief is new. Genesis was familiar with the Gospel before coming to the Mission, but now her relationship with Christ is personal.

The Guzmans’ experience at the Mission helps end a cycle of poverty that has pervaded their families for generations, and they know thoughtful donors like you are responsible for their transformation. Luis reflects, “Without them, it wouldn’t be possible to get as far as we have gotten now.”

Genesis agrees, “This is something I never thought I would be able to experience. I honestly was in poverty for so long that everything looked like a dead end, and this place gave me hope. They made everything I thought was impossible possible.”

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