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Beginning a new Life – Mission Accomplished: Trequena (Tiki)

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When Tiki Redmond entered the Mission in September 2019, it was the beginning of a new life for her and her two small children, Aaliyah and Akeem. But many experiences from her past life needed to be resolved. She had been molested as a child and miraculously survived being hit by a car when she was 12. Years later, her husband, a drug user, tried to kill her, so she had to flee. “Being at the Mission taught us we were safe and loved,” she said.

One of the first programs she completed at the Mission was a refresher class to help improve her cognitive thinking. Tiki said she learned so much from the Parenting and Victorious Life classes, and she grew spiritually in Mr. Dwainn Arnett’s Bible class. Her service assignment was working in the kitchen. “It taught me accountability, how to work with others, and how to stand up for myself.” Her case worker, Naomi Ings, encouraged her to trust the Mission’s process and taught her about healthy confrontation. She even helped Tiki restore a broken family relationship. “She stood by me through thick and thin, and she still keeps in touch with me.”

At first Tiki’s children wanted nothing to do with church or chapel, but now they regularly pray for people at the Mission. After-school programs with Mirta Herrera, Jackie King, and Beth Kee in the Family Life Center, and Kahlid Nussr, who tutored them in math, helped the children grow and adjust. Aaliyah even grew in confidence so much that she acted in a Christmas play.
While at the Mission, Tiki earned a Medical Assistant certification and completed the Job Partnership program. She now works at the unemployment office, helping others who are in a similar situation. “My path is to preach the gospel and reach as many people as possible, people like me, and show there is a brighter side.” Tiki and her children, who are now 10 and 8, appreciate those who support the Mission. “If it wasn’t for the donors, I wouldn’t have had a second chance at life. I was at rock bottom and ready to give up.” Leaving the Mission in November 2021 was scary, but she was prepared and ready. “I am so much stronger than I was. I exited a whole new person.”

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