Employment – Orlando Union Rescue Mission

Orlando Union Rescue Mission is currently hiring for the following position(s):

Youth Learning Center, Early Learning Center & Career Learning Center Director

To express interest in this position, please contact evelyn.hovis@ourm.org.

Division: Family Life Center, Early Learning Center & Career Learning Center Director

Reports To: President/CEO

FLSA Status: Exempt

Summary: The Director of the Youth Learning Center, Early Learning Center, and Career Learning Center oversees the YLC, ELC, and CLC Departments and carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with Orlando Union Rescue Mission Policies/Procedures and applicable laws.  The Director does the following: provides direction, development, management, and leadership to the OURM staff;  directly supervises all departmental staff, including training, scheduling, evaluating, and participating in personnel decisions; addresses youth behavioral issues and residents’ questions and complaints and resolves problems according to stated guidelines while striving to educate and empower youth and children through biblically based interactions; and works with the CEO to ensure the relevant programs and activities are the highest quality possible and align with the OURM Mission & Vision.


Pertaining to the YLC

  1. Provides overall supervision of the conduct and safety of YLC staff and youth.
  2. Guides and sets an example for all participants in the YLC programs and activities and provides mentoring and clear instruction to promote youth self-regulation and social competency.
  3. Identifies, develops, and applies organized activity schedules and related curriculum.
  4. Oversees cleaning of the area to Mission standards and reports maintenance issues to the appropriate staff.
  5. Records youth activity and generates documentation of youth progress.
  6. Documents possible liability issues and reports to OURM leadership for appropriate follow-up.
  7. Oversees organization and distribution of snacks and meals.
  8.  Inventories and orders snacks and supplies for activities, offices, and cleaning and maintenance of the physical plant.
  9. Ensures children’s negative behavior is addressed (as dictated by policy) and documented with notice to appropriate parties.
  10. Facilitates volunteer assignments in conjunction with and under the direction of OURM Volunteer Department.
  11. Oversees all administrative functions within the department.
  12. Performs other duties as directed.

Pertaining to the ELC

  1. Assists in the development of ELC curriculum and ensures staff and resident compliance with the policies and procedures of the OURM.
  2.  Encourages open communication and transparency between staff, children, and residents.
  3.  Ensures children’s negative behavior is addressed (as dictated by policy) and documented with notice to appropriate parties.
  4.  Provides periodic evaluations of children’s progress to parents and staff.
  5.  Ensures adherence to OURM standards concerning cleanliness and maintenance of the facility.
  6.  Ensures the OURM staff is attentive to a child’s physical needs (i.e., feeding, nose wiping, general hygiene, diaper/clothing changes, etc.) while providing a nurturing and safe environment.
  7. Facilitates volunteer assignments in conjunction with and under the direction of OURM Volunteer Department.
  8. Oversees all administrative functions within the department.
  9.  Performs other duties as directed.

Pertaining to the CLC

  1.  Oversees initial assessments to determine the custom-made curriculum of each individual student.
  2.  Facilitates departmental improvements through a positive work environment, analyzing program needs, and developing program goals and action plans.
  3.  Oversees the student instruction worksheets and workbooks.
  4.  Oversees student evaluations.
  5.  Meets with Case Managers and other staff as needed regarding student development, performance, and conduct.
  6.  Identifies possible funding opportunities to OURM Development Department and preparing grant updates as needed.
  7.  Oversees NOVA Memory Retention Course and functions related to the course.
  8.  Oversees instruction of students on Microsoft programs related to the NOVA academic system.
  9. Oversees the upgrades for NOVA software as appropriate.
  10. Oversees the coordination of the NOVA cap and gown graduation ceremony in conjunction with the Director of Guest Services.
  11. Oversees the coordination with the Board of Education regarding procedures, testing, and vouchers.
  12. Oversees the testing of students at check points for readiness, including practice exams as required by the Board of Education.
  13.  Oversees the recruitment of professionals from within the community to tutor OURM residents.
  14.  Acts as a liaison for establishing and maintaining mutual understanding of student goals.
  15.  Oversees the ongoing technical support for computer software and hardware.
  16.  Oversees daily classroom mentoring and instruction.
  17.  Oversees in-service training sessions as requested.
  18.  Leads and supervises all CLC operations, volunteers, and program participants.
  19.  Oversees the Victorious Life Class in the development of curriculum.
  20. Oversees all administrative functions within the department.
  21. Performs other duties as directed.

Job Requirements:

  1. Bachelor or Master’s Degree in a relevant field of study or three years of practical experience working in a rescue mission or similar organization.
  2. Supervisory or management experience within a childhood education, social service, counseling, or other relevant environment.
  3. A clear understanding of the developmental needs of children and youth.
  4. Training or relevant experience in child and youth behavioral management and development.
  5. Ability to speak effectively with and coach parents about biblically-based parenting.
  6. The ability to identify, organize, and implement a broad range of child and youth seasonal programs and activities.
  7. Flexibility with youth, parents, residents, and staff.
  8. The ability to set staff goals and to develop timelines to support professional development.
  9. The ability to prioritize work tasks and complete them in a timely manner.
  10. The ability to work as a team member with other Mission staff.
  11. The ability to identify child and youth referral needs, and to work with Mission Case Managers to provide external support if necessary.
  12. An awareness, understanding, and practice of cultural diversity.
  13. The ability to read, analyze, and interpret governmental regulations and HIPAA rules as they apply to Mission activities and programs.
  14. The ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals effectively.
  15. The ability to present relevant information and programs effectively and to answer questions from Mission team members, volunteers, residents, and the general public.
  16. The ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions.
  17. Competence with word processing software, spreadsheet software, and internet applications.
  18. Knowledge of community resources and the ability to schedule and organize activities around these resources.
  19. Ability to operate or learn to operate various athletic equipment relevant to Mission programs and activities.
  20. Compliance with OURM Policies/Procedures and Doctrinal Statement as outlined.

Physical Demands:

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to use hands and see (close, distant and acute peripheral vision), taste, smell, talk and hear. The employee is frequently required to stand, walk, sit, reach with hands and arms, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, grasp, climb, run, and balance in an indoor-outdoor, noisy environment. The employee must be able to lift and move up to 25 pounds.