EDUCATION – KM – COPY – Orlando Union Rescue Mission


The Career Learning Center (CLC) is a self-paced, educational program for adult residents at O.U.R. Mission Home and men participating in the Men’s Home Discipleship Program.

The three-tiered program begins with an extensive education assessment and memory course that builds the foundation for further learning.

Next, residents are required to either prepare for a high school diploma through the NOVA educational program or complete an academic refresher course through computer-enhanced, self-instructional curriculum and mastery-based learning techniques. Upon completion, students are better prepared to continue with higher education in local colleges, universities or technical schools.

Finally, after all academic courses are completed, students begin the career placement phase of the program where they learn interviewing techniques, resumé writing skills and how to dress for success.

The Youth Learning Center (YLC) caters to the unique educational needs of homeless youth.

This faith-based computer software helps to improve children’s critical thinking skills, reading and listening comprehension, and teamwork building. Since its implementation, the program has proven extremely successful in helping homeless children achieve and even exceed grade level performance.

The Early Learning Center (CLC) received a complete renovation in 2015.

The new space emphasizes the overarching theme, “With God, All Things Are Possible,” on a kid-friendly level. It’s a space where our youngest guests can dream big and understand that despite their economic circumstances, God has not abandoned them.

In 2020, 10 students received their high school diplomas through the Career Learning Center (CLC).