2015 October Newsletter – New Faces Mean New Chances to Save Lives – Orlando Union Rescue Mission

2015 October Newsletter – New Faces Mean New Chances to Save Lives

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Fall is our busiest season here at the Mission. Between now and the end of the year, we’ll see hundreds of new faces come through our doors seeking meals, shelter and other basic needs.

Some of these men, women and families are new to Central Florida, while others have been here for years. Some have lost everything to addictions or other negative behaviors. Others have fallen on hard times after losing their jobs. Whatever their situation is, they’ll be able to enjoy a warm meal and get a good night’s sleep – and that’s just the start.

They’ll also hear a message of hope and learn that there’s a better way. And if they choose,
they can start down the road towards a life of permanent independence built on a relationship with Jesus Christ. That’s what Alex did, and he’s just one example of how lives are transformed here.

When you support the Mission, you ‘re providing so much more than a meal and a night of shelter – you’re giving someone a second chance. You could be changing a family tree for generations to come.

So we don’t mind the extra work during the busy holiday season. Every new face is a new opportunity to watch the Lord change a life. Won’t you help us?
Allen Harden

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