2015 November Newsletter – Mission Accomplished: Nikki – Orlando Union Rescue Mission

2015 November Newsletter – Mission Accomplished: Nikki

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Nikki already had a master’s degree when she and her son came to O.U.R. Mission Home in January, but there was an important lesson she still needed to learn.

” I needed to be reminded to keep God first and keep Him in everything,” she says. “I had gotten away from that. I tithed but i didn’t honor God. I didn’t pray. I didn’t spend time with Him and I didn’t visit His house. I had my share of good jobs and nice cars, but He started stripping those things away until all I had was Him.”

At the Mission, Nikki received biblical counseling and focused on growing in her relationship with Christ while also looking for a job. It wasn’t long before she was hired as a professor at Southern Technical College in Sanford. She and her son, Chance, moved into their own apartment in August and were reunited her her other son, Dominick.

“Staying at the Mission helped me get back to basics. It helped lay the foundation for a life built on Christ. I’ll never forget my time there.”

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