Summer 2016 Newsletter – HOUSE CALLS TO THE MISSION – Orlando Union Rescue Mission

Summer 2016 Newsletter – HOUSE CALLS TO THE MISSION

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Guests at both the Men’s Home and the Family Home don’t have to go to the doctor when their back hurts or they are experiencing pain in other areas. The doctor comes to them!

Two mornings a week, Dr. Ben Lerner, DC, from Maximized Living, donates several hours of his time to provide free spinal adjustments to the men, women and children of the Mission. Each patient starts with a chiropractic health screening to come up with a customized treatment plan. Our guests who participate are reporting less back pain, increased mobility and other benefits.

Dr. Ben’s service is made possible by the Maximized Living Foundation, which has established clinics for underserved populations of several locations across the country, including its flagship “Dream Center” in Los Angeles. To learn more about the foundation, visit

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