2017 Spring Newsletter – President’s Corner – Orlando Union Rescue Mission

2017 Spring Newsletter – President’s Corner

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We finally brobe ground on our new Men’s Home on March 17. It marked the end of a three-year journey, and to be candid, I sometimes wondered where Cod was tabing us. As I dug my shovel into the dirt at the site of the old Parbwood Inn on West Colonial Drive, however, I realized He had led us to the perfect spot – and taught me a lesson in patience along the way.

During the process, we commissioned plans for two other sites, but abandoned those efforts because of local opposition. It was frustrating, to say the least, but Cod was working behind the scenes. Every aspect of the new location and the resulting facility is better than anything we had envisioned previously. The site includes plenty of room for expansion, and the building will enable us to serve more men and improve our ministries.

We will expand our long-term Discipleship Program, in which we provide the education, training, counseling, and other assistance to equip our guests to become independent and self-sufficient. We will triple our kitchen and dining space, enabling us to feed more of our most vulnerable neighbors. We will offer a more expansive substance abuse recovery program, so more men will be able to escape the addictions that imprison them. Finally, we will provide some of our recent graduates transitional apartments to ease their re-entry into the general culture.

All this progress will be possible because of the generosity of friends like you. We are launching a capital campaign to raise the $6.2 million necessary to build the new chapel and dining room and to renovate the existing guest rooms, and we ask that you pray for God’s guidance for and blessings on the project.

We plan to move into the new facility by January 2018. For more information about the project and the capital campaign, visit www.OURM.org/MensHome.

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