A Message of Hope — Volunteer Spotlight: 121 inc. – Orlando Union Rescue Mission

A Message of Hope — Volunteer Spotlight: 121 inc.

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Abject poverty. Sex trafficking. Juvenile adjudication. Family desertion. Homelessness. For over 18 years, Scott and Stephanie Reid have witnessed the devastating damage these unfortunate realities wreak on today’s youth. Through 127 Home tour, a branch of their non-profit 121 inc., the Reid’s prepare and train student groups eager to bring hope to their hurting peers. Then, they travel with a complete production rig to offer three-day mini-camps to children’s homes throughout Georgia and Florida. 


Two things happen on every tour, according to Scott. 1) The children’s home or ministry is blessed. 2) The performing students are discipled, developing profound empathy for the vulnerable and newfound confidence in their ability to share where true hope comes from – Christ.


On their Winter Tour, 127 Home tour visited the Mission’s Family Home and Project Hope. While here, they ate with our guests and slept on cots in our Family Home gym. Although the 127 Home tour usually only performs for children and teenage audiences, a poignant moment occurred at Project Hope, singing hymns at our all-adult men’s home. “There was worship in the room,” Scott says. “We had a lot of men in tears.”


127 Home tour reflects the message of its namesake, James 1:27, showing true religion by bringing a message of hope to the most vulnerable in our society. The Mission shares its passion and its belief “in the power of the gospel to change a life.” We believe one changed life brings a domino of change, affecting friends, family, and even future generations. We eagerly hope for the return of 127 Home tour the next time they visit Florida, bringing a new troop of students but the same powerful message, a message more powerful than all the world’s wrongs, a message of Hope.

To learn more about 121 inc., visit www.one21.life.

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