Local Rescue Mission in Danger of Cancelling Christmas Extravaganza Due to Lack of Toy Donations – Orlando Union Rescue Mission

Local Rescue Mission in Danger of Cancelling Christmas Extravaganza Due to Lack of Toy Donations

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Orlando, FL –The Orlando Union Rescue Mission (OURM) is seeing a huge slump in toy donations this year. OURM is set to host their Christmas Extravaganza this coming Saturday at its Family Life Center, but has become concerned from the lack of toys that have come in. Each year, toy drives are held throughout the community so OURM residents can shop and select toys for their children.

“This way, our guests not only have the dignity to pick out gifts for their children, but the feeling that the gift comes from them,” said president/CEO, Freddy Clayton.

The lack of donations jeopardizes the entire event if enough toys are not donated.

“As if the fear of the children not having a nice Christmas because they’re in a shelter isn’t bad enough, we’re not sure if we’ll have toys for them to take their minds off being homeless, and because of this, we may have to cancel the event. We know the real meaning behind the holiday, but what’s Christmas without toys for the kids?” said director of guest services, LeeDawn Carpenter.

OURM needs help from the community and has set up an Amazon Wishlist for anyone interested in helping to make this year’s Christmas extravaganza possible, but emphasizes the list is a guide to give the community an idea of the gifts they’re accepting. Carpenter said the biggest need is help from anyone that has a heart to make Christmas possible for the OURM residents this year.

“We need toys for our children, and we hope the community will help make this possible,” Clayton said.

Toy Drop Off Location: OURM Family Home – 1521 W. Washington St. Orlando, FL 32805. Phone #: 407-422-4855 ext. 1109

Amazon’s Wishlist Link

About OURM Founded in 1948, the Orlando Union Rescue Mission is a 501(c)(3), faith-based organization providing food, shelter, clothing, and rehabilitative programs to destitute and homeless men, women, and children.


For additional information pertaining to this release, please contact Tanneka Guice at (407) 690-2524 (cell) or (407) 422-4855, ext. 1119 or tanneka.guice@ourm.org.

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